Why buy Oakley Sunglasses?

Hi Everyone,

At outlet-sunglasses we always get asked why should I buy Oakley Sunglasses? what makes them special and why do they cost more than other Sunglasses?

Today I hope I am going to answer your question or at least provide you with more information than you may have.

Firstly all the Technology used to create Oakley Sunglasses is unique and exclusive to Oakley from the lens to the rubber parts on the arms, so when you buy Oakley you are getting something individual. In fact you may have heard of the material used to make the rubber parts on the arms or earsock as Oakley call them. The material is called Unobtainium and is featured in James Cameron’s film Avatar as the energy source on the Planet Pandora.

In this post I am going to talk about Oakley lenses and why they are light years ahead of most Sunglass lenses. The Oakley lenses are made from plutonite which is extremely lightweight and the purest polycarbonate available. The lenses are created in varying lens tints giving the wearer the opportunity to match their lenses to their environment. For example for someone who wants Oakley Sunglasses for Golf, they would choose the Golf specific G30 lens which helps improve the colours on the Golf Green. Or if you want a lens for fishing you would choose the Shallow Blue Polarised lens, this is  designed to cut down glare in shallow water conditions and improve depth perception. Oakley makes lenses for every sport,environment or lifestyle and you are sure to be able to find one to suit your needs.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Oakley Sunglasses, I will be discussing more about Oakley Sunglasses in later Blog Posts so be sure to check back.


2 responses to “Why buy Oakley Sunglasses?

  1. I like the info, never knew the Avatar connection, who pinched unobtanium, from who?

    • Thanks for the comment and question,

      Unobtanium is a very strange material and actually refers to a material that is individual, costly and basically unobtainable hence the name. It is used across many industries such as engineering and the aeronautical industry. Oakley first used it to develop the handle bars on their motor cross bikes and eventually started using it on their Sunglasses so that even when they were wet or sweaty they would not slip off! Amazing Oakley use something on their Sunglasses that is used on Rockets, not just a pair of Sunglasses!

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