Why choose Oakley part 3!

Why Choose Oakley Part 3!!

In part 3 of why choose Oakley sunglasses I am going to explain about HDO optics, Oakley frame materials and lastly explain some of the more technical words Oakley use when talking about their Sunglasses.

As HDO Optics seems like a total alien concept to many people here we go, HDO means High Definition Optics this is incorporated into all Oakley lenses; once again setting the bar very high for other Sunglass brands to hit.

So what does HDO mean?

  • Your vision is sharper without any distortion, great for athletes!
  • You can see everything exactly where it is; the image is not slightly to the left or right,
  • You have maximum eye impact protection and 100 % UV filtering
  • The lenses are made using the highest quality materials to ensure durability and function

We also always get asked what the Oakley frames are made from so here is a simple breakdown:

  • O Matter – made from lightweight materials, these frames are made for lasting comfort and are designed to endure all outside environments,
  • C-5 Alloy – Made from 5 metal compounds which are then superheated to make the frames durable and lightweight,
  • Titanium – This is an ultra lightweight metal which is sculpted with the use of metal injection moulding the Oakley’s are then virtually indestructible,
  • O Luminum – This is 40% lighter than titanium and shaped into the frame shape using 630 tons of pressure.
  • X Metal – Ultra lightweight and titanium alloys are moulded with flex couplers which ultimately creates the only 3D sculptured all metal frames available in the world. Also when Oakley first created this frame material they decommissioned an old Russian submarine and used that to make Sunglasses.

Lastly for those of you who are Oakley nuts here is all the Oakley technical definitions explained,

  • Axis of polarization – maximizes performance the positioning of the polarization filter is vital and all Oakley polarized lenses go by the precise methods of the EN1836 standards,
  • Infusion Moulding – the lens material is bonded to the polarized filter to avoid haziness or distorted images
  • Lens Colour – if you want to match your lenses to a specific outdoor environment you can choose from a spectrum, of lens tints. For example for Golf Oakley make a Golf Lens the G30, or for a very bright environment you would choose a Black Iridium or a Grey Lens.
  • Impact Resistance – This offers maximum protection and exceeds all industry standards as set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Hydrophobic – this allows for a maintained visual clarity and prevents the buildup of water or oil,
  • Polarization – this reduces glare which is needed when in a bright environment or when on the water or in the snow.

We hope you found this fun and informative and that it helped you on your journey when choosing Oakley’s.



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