Anyone seen my Shades?

My first pair of Oakley shades came from a Turkish kebab seller in Istnabul…kebab was mint but the shades were a bit dodgy…fell aprt as soon as i got back to blighty! Second pair were real, well free actually from those nice chaps at Oakley HQ..lost them in New York..true. Third pair I bought from my hard earned, sat on, got repaired..left these on top of my car. 4th Pair I got for £3.99 with 5 gallons of petrol….not Oakley’s and looked a proper tool, threw them away and bought my current pair…Juliets, had these for more than 2 years and left them in a bar this saturday lunch..Not happy..

So the moral of the story is with all the fuel i buy Texaco should be giving a free pair of Oakley’s with every 1000 gallons of petrol, that way tools like me can get a new pair of Oakley’s every year and lose them without getting upset….You could of course just not lose them!


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