Shades for Winter!

Hi Guys,

I am back from my Hols, two lovely hot weeks in Turkey!! Well it’s back to reality now with a bang as its freezing cold in the UK!!

Winter is definitely upon us the temperature has dropped, winter coats are out and everyone is wondering when the Snow will make an appearance this year!! I am hoping it doesn’t make an appearance I mean it looks nice, but if it’s anything like last year then god help us, Britain will come to a standstill again!!

Although winter is here it does not mean that we should pack our Sunglasses away with our summer clothes for next year, it means the opposite. Sunglasses are needed just as much in winter as the Sun is still out it’s just not as warm and the glare can be twice as bad in the winter months, especially when driving.

So I thought I would give you all a style update on what Sunglasses trends to look out for this season, making sure even though it’s cold outside you look great!

Generally for ladies the striking cat eye style is still very much the Sunglasses to be seen in; taking inspiration from the 1950s it will give your outfit an extra WOW! The cat eye style can be seen across most collections including Prada PR03ns, Dior, Marc Jacobs MMJ238 and Gucci 3192 giving you plenty of choice.

For the men the aviator is still going strong, this timeless classic will never get old; it has been featured in movies and worn by celebs for over 20 years now. So grab a pair of Aviators and make a fashion investment and wear them year after year. There are some new takes on the Aviator this season Ray Ban is great for choice, from small aviators the RB 3362, the larger Aviator the RB 3386 or the slightly square Aviator shape the RB Caravan 3136 means you will always find something to fit your style and face shape.

Hope that has helped guys remember keep warm and keep your style!!


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