Find the best Sunglasses to suit your face shape!

Hi Guys,

Sometimes choosing a pair of Sunglasses can be hard work especially if you don’t know what style suits your face shape.

Below is a guide of the different face shapes and some helpful tips to guide you when choosing your Sunglasses,

Rhianna has a heart shaped face, this is when you have a small chin, broad forehead and wide cheek bones. When picking Sunglasses for a heart shape face choose a retro shaped pair of sunglasses like the Ray Ban wayfarer or ‘cat-eyed’ sunglasses. Choose a pair which angle outwards towards to top corner to widen out the face and balance the jaw line. Coloured frames and detailed arms like Bvlgari Sunglasses will soften the lower portion of your face shape by accentuating the eye area.


Victoria Beckham has a triangle shaped face, this is when you have a narrow forehead and your face widens at the eyes, cheeks and chin. Perfect Sunglasses shapes are Sunglasses that have no frames as these balance out the face. Great examples are the visor style that Bvlgari do and the Dior Volute 3 Sunglasses.



Keira Knightly has a square shaped face, this is when you have a strong jaw line and wide cheekbones. Sunglasses styles that look are great are any aviator style like Ray Ban 3386/3025. Also oversized and rounded styles look great like Dior Zemire or Gucci 3193. Sunglasses to avoid for the square shaped face are Sunglasses that have a darker colour at the bottom of the frame as this will unbalance your face.


Kelly Clarkson has a round shaped face, people with a round shaped face are very lucky as pretty much any shape fits them. A style that is always a winner with a round shaped face is the oversized sunglasses as they fit perfectly into the proportions of your face. Look out for the Prada 04ns, the Bvlgari 8086,8084 and the D&G 8089.

Hope this helps and the next time you go sunglasses shopping it will be a lot easier,


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