Celeb Sunglass Spotter!

Hi Everyone,

Well even though its cold here in good old Britannia, its warm over in the USA, so there are plenty of celebs to spot in Sunglasses.

This week we spotted Disney Princess Selena Gomez sporting some fabulous Gucci Sunglasses.

So what had Justin Bieber’s  Girlfriend been up to, she never seems to stop and is always jetting around. Photos were just released from a fab photo shoot for her new fragrance frolicking in a water tank in an evening gown (Amazing). And, as part of the new fragrance marketing campaign, the 19-year-old star is letting her fans help pick out scents for her fragrance. “I’ve been working really hard and I’ve narrowed it down to a few possible notes, but I need your help in choosing the right ones,” Selena said. “You’ll get to compare several notes that I’ve selected for the top, heart and base of the perfume.” The first  lucky 100,000 participants to help Selena pick scents for her fragrance will receive a free sample of the perfume before it’s even in stores. Additionally, 10 even luckier voters will win a trip to New York to help Selena pick her final scent. Now that’s sweet!!

Also in recent news, Selena joined the ranks of celeb investors like Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and even her BF Justin Bieber by helping to fund a new app called Postcard on the Run. The app lets users print and send postcards of photos from their Smart Phones. Selena said she found Postcard on the Run while fiddling with her iPhone on tour, and “fell in love with it.” Then she emailed the company and told them she wanted to help to the tune of participation in a $750,000 funding round for the start-up (WOW). One single post on her Facebook page led to 20,000 app downloads in 24 hours! She will certainly be a mini mogul before she is 21!!

Also this week we spotted another Disney Star, they are out in force this December. We spotted Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame wearing his Ray Ban Wayfarers looking effortly cool as usual.

Seems like heart throb Nick Jonas is in no hurry to reunite with his brothers any time soon. With his own hit band (the Administration), a big Broadway role in the works (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), and a small screen part in a new network drama next year (Steven Spielberg-produced Smash opposite Anjelica Huston and Debra Messing), Nick’s career is certainly on the fast track.

Still, the hunk never misses a chance to let folks know he “feels blessed” to have been given all of these fantastic opportunities and to give back, he recently got the chance to give an aspiring singer her own shot at a music career. He helped lead the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search and awarded a 14 yr old  girl from Florida with a management contract and the chance to record a song he wrote and produced. “It felt like an amazing opportunity and it was targeted at ages 8 to 14. So it was a specific age group that we were going after and basically wanted to find a really talented young person who was as passionate about music as I was at that age. It was so great to see young people on all these videos get involved and share their voice with me and the Quaker team” He has been busy where do they find the time to fit it all in!!




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