Celeb Sunglass Spotter!!

Hi Guys,

Once week till Xmas Eve how exciting!! Hope Santa brings everyone everything they asked for!

This week we have spotted Hilary Duff in Gucci Sunglasses looking like a yummy mummy!

When Hilary Duff’s baby boy enters the world in 2012, he’s going to have the most amazing nursery around. The pregnant actress/writer/fashionista recently told Us Weekly she’s been having the best time decorating her son’s nursery and it even features cool “magnetic” wallpaper her decorator found from an English designer. “It has all of these adorable characters, so you can move them around on the wall and stuff, ” She went on to describe the characters which include flying pigs and little clouds that you can actually write on. She said, “It’s adorable,I know he won’t be able to play with that for a while, but when he’s old enough, I guess we’ll have to instill not drawing on the walls!”

This will be the first child for Hilary and NHL player Mike Comrie, who got married in August 2010. She also been getting lots of baby advice. “People keep saying to me, Sleep right now. Get your sleep!”  Hilary laughed. “I keep saying, I just want the baby here! I want to play and I’m ready to see what he looks like.”

With the nursery under control, there’s just one thing left for the couple to do: decide on a name. Hilary said, “We have two names. I think we’re just going to see what he looks like and then decide the day of.” Sounds like Hilary will be having a great Xmas eating as much as she wants before the baby gets here!!

As Justin Bieber is one of our Fav celebs to be spotted in Sunglasses we thought we would give you a video montage of the Sunglasses he has been spotted in this year!!

Justin Biebers Sunglasses

Which ones were your favourite?

Have a great Pre Xmas Weekend!!



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