The British Gold Medal list so far………..

Yipee we have some Gold Medals even though we are not at the top of the Medal table, it’s still something to celebrate and shout about.

So here is a breakdown on who has the achieved the Gold Medals (Hopefully more to come)!!

Bradley Wiggins Cycling Men’s Individual Time Trial!!

How he did it: Having barely taken off his yellow jersey, the Tour de France winner clinched gold in the Olympic time trial with a time of 50 minutes and 39 seconds. Wiggins completed the 44km course through the streets of London’s commuter belt in an impressive 42 seconds ahead of Germany’s world champion Tony Martin.

What he said: “I don’t think my sporting career will ever top this now, that’s it. It will never, never get better than that. Incredible. It had to be gold today or nothing. What’s the point of seven medals if they’re not the right colour?”

Interesting fact: With seven Olympic medals to his name, Bradley Wiggins has overtaken Sir Steve Redgrave as Great Britain’s most decorated Olympian of all time. Redgrave has more gold medals though, winning five to Wiggins’ four.

Helen Glover and Heather StanningHelen Glover and Heather Stanning win gold

Womens Rowing

How they did it: Four years ago, Helen Glover was an aspiring hockey player and Heather Stanning was embarking on a career in the Army. Now they are Olympic champions having led from the front in the women’s pairs final. They become the first women to win rowing gold for Great Britain and the country’s first gold medallists at the 2012 games.

What they said: “We kidded ourselves that there was no pressure, the last thing we said to each other was ‘it’s just for us, it’s just for us’, but it was for the whole of the team and the whole of the country. Now we’ve finished we can say there was pressure, there was expectation.” Helen Glover

“I really hope my story can be an inspiration for kids in PE right now watching this or at home thinking about taking up a new sport. Just go on, go for it, you don’t know what’s going to happen.” Heather Stanning

Interesting fact: Heather Stanning’s school yearbook  predicted that she would be their first Olympic gold winner.

Here is hoping there is plenty more to come!!!



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