Happy New Year!!! 2013!!!

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year!!!!

Cities around the World have already started celebrating, see below for how everyone is celebrating!!!

It’s not all doom and gloom on Wall Street: these traders have donned party glasses for the last day of 2012 trading on the New York Stock Exchange

Two pupils get ready to celebrate the New Year at a school in Jiangxi Province, China

In Japan, Shinto priests leave the worship hall of Meji Shrine after a ritual in preparation for the New Year. Some three million people are expected to visit the shrine to pray for their health, happiness and property during the first three days of 2013

Meanwhile, hundreds of people celebrate the traditional San Silvestre Swim at the Mlagros beach in Tarragona, northeastern Spain

Spectacular scenes across Sydney’s famous Harbour

Fireworks explode over Sydney Harbour as it turns midnight

Lasers light up the sky above Victoria harbour in Hong Kong

Have a Great New Year what ever you do Outlet-Sunglasses!!!


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